A Catalyst for Sustainably Revitalizing Tahoe City

Currently many visitors pass through Tahoe City and do not stay overnight due to a lack of adequate quality lodging options. Tahoe City Lodge will boost local business and help Tahoe City return to its reputation as a leading destination for overnight visitors who come to enjoy beautiful views, a pedestrian friendly commercial district and lakefront park.  


Lodge Project Aligns with Tahoe City Visioning Principles 

The Tahoe City Lodge aligns to the vision recently created by the hundreds of people who participated in local planning processes. The key principles outlined in the Tahoe City Visioning Plan directly informed the design of the Tahoe City Lodge. Here's how the Lodge Project aligns with the Tahoe City Visioning Principles:  


Tahoe City Visioning Plan: Environmental Over-Arching Principle

Principle One
Implement water quality and other environmental improvements as part of area-wide solutions that appropriately plan for development while helping to meet thresholds and protecting Lake Tahoe and other natural resources. 

Lodge Achieves Environmental Gains by...

  • Removing current blighted property to improve visual and water quality
  • Reducing vehicle miles traveled by adding quality lodging in the Basin: local beds = fewer day trips
  • Achieving significant environmental benefits for many TRPA thresholds
  • Meeting LEED building and green hotel standards with significant reduction in energy, water use and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting the restoration of lands designated as Stream Environment Zones
  • Reducing on-site coverage including in Stream Environment Zones


Tahoe City Visioning Plan: 

Town Form Principles

Principle Two
Encourage walkable retail at ground level with appropriate mixed-use reinforcing main street vitality and pedestrian activity. 

Principle Three
Create a more explorable, dynamic town form with side streets while preserving Tahoe City’s unique community character and providing for increased town center recreation – including golf and winter and shoulder season activities.  


Lodge Helps Achieve Town Form by...

  • Meeting community's long-term stated vision of creating an infill hotel development with walkability, retail and mixed-use on main street
  • Creating an infill hotel development with walkability, retail and mixed—use on main street
  • Rebuilding Tahoe City Golf Course Clubhouse with an improved Pro Shop as well as meeting and event space for public and private use 
  • Enhancing local public year-round recreation opportunities
  • Being the first lodging project on the North Shore in a town center in more than half a century

Tahoe City Visioning Plan: 

Economic Vitality Principles

Principle Four
Relocate, increase, and upgrade the lodging alternatives to revitalize the tourism economy. 

Principle Five
Encourage prime accommodation sites that include waterfront access and the expected views and amenities that encourage investment.

Lodge Helps Achieve Economic Vitality by...

  • Bringing $43.4M of economic activity into the community during construction
  • Infusing $8.6M annually into the local economy via taxes, jobs and visitor spending (including $500,000 in transient occupancy taxes per year)
  • Creating 393 jobs with 76 annual ongoing and 317 one-time construction jobs
  • Boosting local economy by increasing visitor spending in town
  • Inspiring new & upgraded business revitalization in Tahoe City
  • Increasing property values for neighbors


Tahoe City Visioning Plan: 

Sense of Place Principles

Principle Six
Recognize the importance of views and access to Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River.

Principle Seven
Connect visitors to Lake Tahoe culture and experiences through enhanced gateways, wayfinding, education, recreation amenities, and interpretive facilities.

Principle Eight
Enhance and expand recreational opportunities in winter and shoulder seasons to support a year-round sustainable community. 


Lodge Achieves Sense of Place by...

  • Creating sense of arrival at gateway and eliminating existing blighted commercial property
  • Being set at the entrance to Tahoe City with a front door to Commons Beach and a back door to Tahoe City Golf Course, Tahoe City Lodge is ideally located for easy access to a variety of summer and winter recreational activities, including skiing, hiking, biking, golfing, boating, dining, and shopping
  • Offering enhanced views from many of the rooms and the rooftop deck 
  • Encouraging more destination visitors to Tahoe City evening festivities

Tahoe City Visioning Plan:

Implementation and Alternate Transportation Principles

Principle Nine
Streamline permitting and planning standards to encourage new investment.

Principle Ten
Develop solutions at the community scale rather than relying on a parcel-by-parcel approach (e.g. parking, snow storage, environmental restoration, coverage, BMPs).

Principle Eleven
Enhance bicycle, transit and other alternative transportation modes as an essential part of a destination stay. Improve the flow of traffic through roadway design and community/shared-use parking. 


Lodge Helps Achieve Alternative Transportation by...

  • Leveraging transit options with regular bus stops in front of the property and bike racks to encourage use of trails
  • Expanding parking through partnership with Tahoe City Public Utility District
  • Reducing vehicle miles traveled by adding quality lodging in the Basin: local beds = fewer day trips

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The Tahoe City Lodge will reflect the character and values of the region and serve as a catalyst for environmental, economic and community revitalization. Our vision is to create an exceptionally high quality, sustainably built and operated Lodge.

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