Tahoe City Lodge Fast Facts

The Tahoe City Lodge will include:

  • 118 total units, comprised of 40 hotel units and 78 one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites

  • Roof-top deck, bar and restaurant

  • Conference and meeting facilities

  • On-site recreational amenities (pool, rec room and hot tub)

  • Enhanced local public year-round recreation opportunities

  • Environmental restoration work in Stream Environment Zones 

  • Expanded parking through partnership with Tahoe City Public Utility District

  • Samir Tuma
    published this page in About 2016-03-22 16:27:35 -0700

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The Tahoe City Lodge will reflect the character and values of the region and serve as a catalyst for environmental, economic and community revitalization. Our vision is to create an exceptionally high quality, sustainably built and operated Lodge.

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